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Airbrush & Glitter Temporary Tattoos

GLITTER TATTOOS - Perfect to add onto a face painting party or for any event.
These are the latest temporary tattoo craze!
Seen in many tourist destinations throughout the summer season.
A Skin Safe adhesive is applied through a stencil & then covered in glitter,
The excess glitter is reomved to leave a design that will usually last 3-5 days

ARE the king of the Temporary Tattoo world.
They are applied with an airbrush.
Sprayed through a stencil onto the surface of the skin with a specially formulated paint.
Not to be confused with Henna tattoos,
Airbrush Tattoos are a PAINT that sits on top of the skin, not a dye.

We can now also offer UV reactive ink which has been developed especially for nightclub work. It is very effective under UV Lights and will draw in a crowd.

Both services can be booked for a fee to provide this free to your customers,
with our custom stencils we can even tattoo your logo!

This service also runs very well alongside Face Painting at carnivals & fun days.

UV Butterfly


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Glitter tattoo lizard
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